The Invictus Growth OS

Uplevel your operations with machine learning
expertise, operating leadership in the Invictus
Guild, and systems for scaling.

Each Invictus portfolio company receives customized resources for their specific scaling needs.


100% of Invictus portfolio companies receive customized machine learning expertise from our dedicated team to help grow their businesses.


DIANE (Deal Intelligence Assessment Neural Engine) is our proprietary ML platform that enhances enterprise direct sales for our portfolio companies with measurable results, including:

  • Expanding sales funnels with Ideal Customer Profile opportunities
  • Growing average contract value
  • Shortening sales cycles

DIANE is a shoutout to Diana, the goddess of the hunt. This benefit comes with an Invictus partnership.


Invictus Business Development Platform

A machine learning-powered collaboration engine for our portfolio companies through which they can access thousands of new enterprise customers.


Operating Leadership
in the Invictus Guild

The Invictus Guild is a portfolio company success team of operating experts across ten key disciplines for scaling.

Learn what made these leaders successful and avoid their mistakes.

Add key operating talent to complement and complete your operating team.

Guild members invest personally in all portfolio companies and have strongly aligned interests in their success.

meet the guild
Invictus Team
Business Development
Business Development
Drive Growth through Partnerships
CEO Coaching
Men icon
Build a Culture of Success
Corporate Development
Corporate Development
Pursue Inorganic Growth
Customer Success
Thumbs up
Expand and Retain Customers
Data Science / Technology
Data Science
Deepen Technology Moat
Manage Growth and Profitability
Grow Category Leadership and Actionable Pipeline
Recruit, Scale and Retain a World-class Team
Build Must-have, Differentiated Products
Build a Repeatable Growth Machine

Systems for Scaling

Through our experience as operators and investors, we have developed systems that enable our portfolio companies to automate processes for consistent growth.

Rise to the level of your systems

  • Automate manual processes to drive operational efficiency
  • Measure what matters with real-time operational insights across customer success, finance, HR, marketing, product, sales, and technology
  • Implement best practices to address your company’s specific needs

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